Writer Wednesday–Plain Blog

I’m sure you’ve noticed how PLAIN my blog was a few days ago. Well, in the wake of Roni Loren’s post about copyright infringements, I think a lot of us bloggers have reassessed how we use pics from the interwebz.

So, I took down the header and background because, well, the images weren’t mine. (The current blue flower spray you see is a photo I took and will be temporary until I find the *perfect* image.)

I know there’s sites out there (like Creative Commons) where pics are considered public domain, so I’ll probably be trolling them for new images.

ANOTHER totally awesome thing…Roni’s post inspired a bunch of writers to pool their pics. Click HERE to see that post on Roni’s blog. Yet more proof that the writing community is beyond FAB.

I suppose it’s a good time to revamp things anyway. So, consider my blog to be awaiting a makeover. When I have a new image/brand to debut, you’ll definitely notice it. 😉

How about you guys? Have you responded in turn by taking down pics, adjusting your Pinterest accounts, cleaning out your Tumblrs?


16 comments on “Writer Wednesday–Plain Blog

  1. Jessica Burde says:

    Thanks for linking to Roni’s blog. I’ve been aware of the blog issue for a few years, but for some reason it never occurred to me that the same would apply to Tumblr or Pinterest (which is making me few pretty stupid right now.)

    Wikimedia commons is probably your best site for public domain images. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

    Please be aware that Creative Commons is NOT public domain, and there are restrictions on how CC licensed photos can be used.

    Another option for finding art to useis actually Deviant Art. I found many artists there who were willing to give permission for their art to be used in a blog or webarticle. You have to ask them first, and often they want you to creedit them and link back to their profile, but I found some great images that way before I learned about Wikimedia Commons.

    There is one way to use copyright images from movie posters, book covers (that aren’t yours),etc – is you sign up as an Amazon Affiliate marketed (or allposters.com, or other commercial site that does affiliate marketing) then you can post a pic of anything they sell with a link back to their sales page (have to use their code for it) and it is a licensed use that can actually make the owner some money, if people like the pic and go buy the original.

    Thanks again for the link, I’m off to clear out my Tumblr.

  2. Lynn Rush says:

    I saw that post, too. Freaked me out. So sad.

  3. E.Arroyo says:

    I did the clean up. Now the pics I put on my blog are mine. I too am revamping the style and will hopefully come up with something that is me. =)

  4. Karen Lange says:

    I’ve heard about this and have been rethinking how I do things. Thanks for the info and links!

  5. Carol Riggs says:

    Yep, my posts are plainer. I went through and deleted most of my photos. Luckily my header was something I’d designed already. Better safe than sorry!

  6. salarsen says:

    I’m definitely being more cautious as to what images I use.

  7. Leigh Moore says:

    I actually did go through my blog and take down all the questionable pix. I didn’t have as many as I expected–shew! Now I’m trying to figure out what to do about Pinterest. So odd that someone would want to sue you for publicizing their work! Anywho! Can’t wait to see your makeover! ❤

  8. I like designing new headers. I used the cover from my book to do the one that I have presently, but I’ve used my own artwork in the past. Photoshop is great that way.

  9. I’ve scoured my blog posts (luckily I didn’t use photos in posts until about a year ago), deleted my Pinterest boards and started over with only photos I know are safe to pin, and never had a Tumblr, so at least I didn’t have to worry about that one!

    Deleting my Pinterest boards was so hard, but so worth it. I don’t need to be sued over a pretty pin.

  10. Linda Gray says:

    It’s definitely on the schedule to go back and pull pics if needed! I actually rarely did that, but there are no doubt some in there somewhere 😦
    I used think stock.com to find my blog header. It does cost $, but they have some good photos.

  11. Krispy says:

    Yeah, that was definitely a scary post. I still need to go through my blog, but I think luckily most of the pics we use are ours…and at the very least, they’re credited. Still have to go through them though.

    I think the writers’ pool of pics is super awesome though! What a great idea.

  12. J E Fritz says:

    It’s weird because that wasn’t the first post I read on issues with copyrighted pictures, but it’s the first one that caught fire like that. I’m pretty good since I use words a lot more than pictures and I was always careful about what I posted (from Wikimedia Commons or my own…I hope that’s safe). I love the idea of a photo sharing site. Writers are a truly awesome breed.

  13. I love your new header photo!

    Being a non-social-media person, I never saw the point of borrowing and reposting other folks photos, so I was lucky there. I *think* I only posted my own.

  14. Thanks Laura,

    I certainly did. I spent two days going through each of my posts in the archives. What a tedious process. I didn’t have more that like ten, but I couldn’t remember which ones.

    I usually use my own photos or use no image at all for my posts.

  15. Yep. I’ve been taking down pics which I’m not 100% sure on. 😦
    Found a sight through Susan Kaye Quinn [http://www.flickr.com/groups/wana/pool/] where people load pics for public use on blogs and stuff.

    Still, sad about loosing some awesome pics.

    Liking the new look.

  16. Lydia K says:

    I did a partial clean out of my Pinterest page, but I probably need to do more. Great post!

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