Writer Wednesday–Official Author Photo Post

A lot of you have seen my author photo popping up on various social media forums. This is the post where I attribute its greatness to my colleague, soon to be graduated Psychiatry resident, and photographer extraordinaire, Aparna Iyer.

Aparna has traveled the world with her camera and you can see some of the work she’s done by clicking HERE and seeing her blog.

I’m indebted to Aparna for taking the time to come to my house, help me get gussied up with makeup and hair styling, and pose me for the money shot. πŸ˜‰


Here are a few of the contenders:

25 comments on “Writer Wednesday–Official Author Photo Post

  1. Mike Offutt says:

    You look so beautiful! :)))

    • Catherine Johnson says:

      I agree, I even mentioned your photo in my post today, lovely photos. Great job Aparna!

  2. kendallgrey says:

    Gorgeous pics! All of them!

  3. Lynn Rush says:

    Beautiful!!! πŸ™‚

  4. E.Arroyo says:

    They look so nice!

  5. Karen Lange says:

    These are wonderful! πŸ™‚

  6. I love all of these images, but the one you’ve chosen is totally fab! Your hair color is marvelous. ;D

  7. Vicki Tremper says:

    Yup, I agree with all of the above. LOL! It’s great to finally have your face associated with all your social media. Not that the kitty wasn’t cute and all…

  8. Great pics! πŸ™‚

  9. They’re all great photos, but I love your choice best! Yay to Aparna!

  10. Angela says:

    You look fabulous!

  11. Stephanie says:

    I love that first one, the big one you put before the three contenders.

  12. Krispy says:

    Very nice! I think I like the over-the-shoulder one best.

  13. Sarah Ahiers says:

    They’re all lovely photos, and i don’t think any of them will serve you poorly

  14. Carol Riggs says:

    These are all lovely! And your hair is gorgeous whether in color or black and white. πŸ˜€

  15. You look TRES JOLI! Nice to finally see you almost face-to-face.

  16. J E Fritz says:

    You look great! The black and white ones are so serious, but I like your highlights πŸ™‚

  17. aparnanairphotography says:

    Love it! πŸ™‚ Personally, I think the model was pretty great too!

  18. Wonderful photo. Black and white was a good choice.

  19. lenny says:

    hi dr laura! woweee! cool picture!! im always thinking doctors gotta be old with gray hairs. for sure youre just way pretty and got not one gray hair. yikes! you got skulls and crossbones on your shirt. how cool is that!!! πŸ™‚
    …hugs from lenny

  20. Ciara Knight says:

    Those are AWESOME!! You are one pretty lady!

  21. wow, these are gorgeous photos!!! I love them! I hope you are uber pleased with them.

  22. Donna Hole says:

    Nice! For some reason I like a b&w photo on book covers.


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