Cover Reveal!!! To Ride A Puca by Heather McCorkle

Author Heather McCorkle is revealing the cover of her latest young adult historical fantasy, TO RIDE A PUCA. It’s coming out this May (by Compass Press), and boy does it sound interesting!!!!

Here’s a summary from Heather’s blog:

They say to ride a púca changes your life forever. That doesn’t sound so bad to Neala. Her kind are hunted down, forced to live in obscurity, or be slaughtered.
But when an old enemy threatens her country like never before, the druids will have to decide; rise up and fight beside those who have betrayed them, or give over their country and save themselves.
Neato, right?
Check out Heather’s blog to congratulate her!

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15 comments on “Cover Reveal!!! To Ride A Puca by Heather McCorkle

  1. Sheri Larsen says:

    Third blog this morning highlighting Heather’s book. So happy for her. She does an amazing job.

  2. Vicki Tremper says:

    You are always so supportive of other authors! Congrats to Heather and thanks for the heads-up, Laura.

  3. That’s a nice cover. I guess a Puca is basically a horse.

  4. Karen Lange says:

    Will check it out, thanks. Have a great week!

  5. roguemutt says:

    What’s a Puca?

    • It’s a creature of Irish legend. Some believe it’s a demon horse, others believe it’s a shapeshifter. When I learned about it I couldn’t resist writing about it!

  6. lenny says:

    hi dr laura! i went and looked at that cover. wow! its sooooo cool. sounds like a pretty exciting book.
    …hugs from lenny

  7. Ciara Knight says:

    I’ll go check it out. I love YA!

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