Flake-out Friday–Meme Me

Last week, two awesome writers and bloggers tagged me with the Lucky 7’s meme!

Thanks to Carol Riggs and Cate Peace!

So, I present to you page 77, lines 7-14, of ENDURE, my YA dystopian that’ll be pubbed mid-2013!

“Is that your assignment? If so, then you should know.” She scanned me up and down, eyes pausing on every wrinkle and stain of my stolen uniform.

“I, uh, just got transferred…”

“Then your boss should’ve told you everything.” She looked down the street. “I have to go. I’m late.”

I caught up to her again and grabbed her elbow. “Wait. Please. I need your help. My sister. She’s in the lab. I need to…talk to her.”

Hehe, not too exciting out of context, LOL! Uh-oh, does that mean I have to edit it???? *head desk*

Ok. Your turn to share. Turn to page 77 of your novel and post lines 7-14 (if you dare, mwahahahaha!) (seriously, I’d love to see what you’ve got!)

11 comments on “Flake-out Friday–Meme Me

  1. Catherine Johnson says:

    Ooh I love your excerpt Laura. That little snippet reminds me of Inside Out. Have you read that yet? YA dystopian.

  2. Sheri Larsen says:

    I find excitement in this excerpt, Laura. I’m feeling suspense. 😀 Nicely done.

  3. Actually, that IS exciting. It starts ordinary, then gets sinister. You wonder what’s going on. I’m interested! 😀

  4. Lydia K says:

    That’s an exciting excerpt!!! Of course, I’m biased because I know what happened before and after!

  5. Carol Riggs says:

    No, that’s very curiosity-inducing of an excerpt. Makes us wonder what’s going on! Have a great weekend, and I look forward to reading ENDURE some day!

  6. There’s a lot of tension in that snippet! You make me want to read more.

  7. E.Arroyo says:

    Great snippet. Can’t wait to read all of it.

  8. Krispy says:

    I have to agree with other comments; it’s pretty exciting. Stolen uniform? Tense situation? Missing sister?!

  9. lenny says:

    hi dr laura! that stolen uniforms got me wondering and i wanna know more about that lab. so for sure its exciting even if it is just a few lines. i hope you have a fun and happy weekend.
    …hugs from lenny

  10. Another taste of ENDURE. Looking forward to full meal. 🙂

    Here’s pg 77 lines 7-14 of my YA paranormal BLINK:

    “It’s for her own protection, Lexi.” He rested a forearm against he window frame. “Don’t feel bad about that. Ever. I guarantee the more you learn the more difficult this will become.”

    “Nice pep talk, Dad.” A chill settled over her as the implications set in. This thing was going to happen.

    Her dad ran his hand over his face. It didn’t erase the worry. “I’m sorry, Lex. I never thought this could happen to you. I know I’m sending you out there under prepared, but you’re a fast learner. Trust your instincts.”

  11. aparnanairphotography says:

    Even that small excerpt was fabulous! You are so talented – I love it!

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