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I’m so excited to be here with Laura for Day 3 of the blog tour for the launch of my debut novel, LACRIMOSA. Laura was one of the first to read this book forever ago, so I was thrilled when she indicated that she wanted to be part of the tour fun.

For this post, we both thought it would be EPIC to bring a special interview with Nesy and one of Laura’s characters, Justin. Take it away Justin –

Justin [adds another log onto the fire and rubs his arms]: Sorry, it gets cold at night in the mountains. I want to thank you for traveling here to meet with me. Smith is keeping watch, but we’ll have to talk fast…just in case, you know, the Vie ambush us. [laughs nervously] Then again, I guess you know about surprise attacks and fighting and stuff. What is it that you do again?

Nesy: Without giving too much away, I’m a warrior of sorts. Most similar to your Samurai of the pre-industrial Japan, I think. Just thinking of me as a bad-ass with a sword 😉

Justin: That’s awesome! I wish I knew sword fighting…though I am pretty handy with a Taser and a stake. [wry grin] So, what’s it like to keep your identity secret? I mean, I have this tattoo that tells everyone what I am—an Anemie—so I can’t hide it, but you, I can’t tell what you are. So cool.

Nesy: I’m fortunate because I can hide in plain site most of the time. People don’t often think of pretty teenage girls as hardened warriors, which helps. A lot. Still, most of the things I battle against can see through my disguises, so I have to be vigilant and careful.

Justin: [clears throat] I wanted to ask you…have you ever lost something so important you’d give your life for? My sister, Sammie, was kidnapped by the Vie, and I have to get her back…I’m just not sure how to do it. And I kind of feel like an idiot hiding in the forest, but…I don’t have weapons like you and we don’t have a strong enough army to take down the Vie. Do you have an army?

Nesy: [deep sigh] I’ve lost many things. Important things. I have never been one to hide if someone I [cough] “love” is in danger, army or not. Of course, I have training you do not possess. Have you ever considered asking for help in some way? I mean, through your prayers, I guess you’d call them. You never know, maybe help will come. Especially against the forces of evil.

Justin: Um, yeah, I don’t know. The closest I got to praying was when I had to join a cult for safety. Not something I like to remember. [shudders] Okay, one last question. What’s it like where you’re from…Celestium, right?

Nesy: Yes, my home is Celestium. And it is beautiful. Colors – indigo, emerald, ruby, and gold, seem to fill the sky, glistening off of the towers and citadels that make up my world. It is like nothing you have seen other than in your dreams. There is a calm, a peace, I long for, especially when I have been away for long periods of time.

Justin: Cool. Sounds like an awesome place. Way better than here. I wish I could bring Sammie there. Maybe someday, right?

Nesy: Oh, I have a feeling you will both come to know it one day.

Justin: Thanks for meeting me. Good luck with your mission. I hope to see you again.

Nesy: You will Justin. You will.


Such a great interview! Thank you to Laura and Justin.

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Short Blurb for LACRIMOSA

As if casting out demons isn’t hard enough, five-hundred-year-old Nesy has to masquerade as a teenage girl to do it. Nesy is the best of the warrior angels called Sentinals. She never makes mistakes, never hesitates, never gets emotionally involved. Until she meets Aydan.

He is evil incarnate; a fallen angel that feeds off the souls of others. Everything Nesy is supposed to hate. But she can’t, because he’s also the love of her former life as a human girl—a life that ended too soon, tying her to emotions she was never supposed to feel.

Now Nesy must choose between doing her duty—damning Aydan to the fiery depths of hell—or saving him, and condemning herself.

Author Endorcement(s):

“LACRIMOSA reaches out, grabs readers by the heart, and takes them on an emotional journey from the first page to the last. The last novel you’ll need to read to understand true sacrifice.”

~Elana Johnson, Author of POSSESSION



ISBN: 0984786368 (ISBN 13: 9780984786367)

Hardback and Digital formats from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and fine retailers.

Kindle buy link–

Nook buy link –

Additional Titles in the series include DIES IRAE (a Requiem Novella), LIBERA ME (Oct 2012) and REQUIEM (March 2013).

The book trailer can be seen by linking to YouTube –

About Christine Fonseca

School psychologist by day, critically acclaimed YA and nonfiction author by night, Christine Fonseca believes that writing is a great way to explore humanity. Her debut YA Gothic series, The Requiem Series, including DIES IRAE and LACRIMOSA, examines the role of redemption, sacrifice and love. Her nonfiction titles include 101 SUCCESS SECRETS FOR GIFTED KIDS and EMOTIONAL INTENSITY IN GIFTED STUDENTS.

When she’s not writing or spending time with her family, she can be sipping too many skinny vanilla lattes at her favorite coffee house or playing around on Facebook and Twitter. Catch her daily thoughts about writing and life on her blog.

For more information about Christine Fonseca or the series, visit her website – or her blog

I totally enjoyed this book when I first read it and I can’t wait to read it again!!!! CONGRATS, CHRISTINE!!!!!!! *hugs*

Check out Sarah’s response (today), then Lydia’s response (next week) to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog topic of: Prologues–Love ’em or hate ’em?

11 comments on “Author Christine Fonseca Guest Post

  1. lol awesome interview!! 😀

  2. Ciara Knight says:

    I like love the line: I’m pretty handy with a Taser and a stake. 🙂

  3. Christine Fonseca says:

    I loved the interview questions too! So fun. Thanks everyone

  4. Karen Lange says:

    Congrats Christine! 🙂

  5. Celestium sounds very “gay” and I really like that. To explain, the rainbow is the symbol that you see on gay pride flags, on bumper stickers, on t-shirts, etc. This author described Celestium in rainbow colors. My first thought is “Everyone knows that anyplace cool is designed by gay people.” So I’m intrigued (even if my snarky hypothesis proves to be wrong)!

  6. Lydia K says:

    Looking forward to reading this!

  7. Thanks for the awesome interview! Can’t wait to read this : )

  8. Doodle says:

    Loved the interview! Can’t wait to read the book!!

  9. Sarah Fine says:

    What a fun interview! Good luck with Lacrimosa, Christine!

  10. Christine Fonseca says:

    Thanks everyone. And Michael, that is nothing I thought of at all. I just used angel mythology and some religious precepts. Interesting!

  11. lenny says:

    hi dr laura! wow cool interview! im thininking this books maybe a little too old for me but for sure my older sister whos 16 and maybe a couple of my older brothers could love it. so im gonna tell them to look for it.
    …hugs from lenny

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