Writer Wednesday–Battling Social Networking Overload

I’ve been on the social media highway for about three years now. It all started with QueryTracker, then branched out to RallyStorm, then to Facebook and Twitter, and finally, my blog. I’ve spent countless hours on each site, chatting with other writers, learning techniques, learning how-to’s and don’ts, all the while watching the network grow and branch out in directions I’d never thought possible.

And now there’s even MORE avenues to get connected!

Klout, Google+, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and now Pinterest…

How can I possibly keep up!!!!!!

*flails* *runs into wall* *passes out on floor*

So, folks, how do you keep a steady pace on the social networking highway without running out of gas? How do you find time to do real life things, like, gee I don’t know, WRITE??? πŸ˜‰

This week for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog, Deb answers the question of what inspires her.

25 comments on “Writer Wednesday–Battling Social Networking Overload

  1. Katy says:

    I, too, would like to know the answer to this question!

  2. Phew it’s exhausting! But you’ve got to write. A bad book won’t sell even if you’re on every networking site but a good book will even if you’re not πŸ™‚

  3. Carol Riggs says:

    Wow, you’re exhausting me just listening to your list! I’ve been avoiding Pinterest (fingers in ears, Lalalaaa) as well as Tumblr and Klout. I “just” do blogging, Facebook, and Twitter, and THAT is enough. I can’t even keep up with the blogging comments/reading most times. The writing is more important! so lately I’ve limited my FB time to only twice a day for about TEN minutes. Works…most of the time.

  4. E.Arroyo says:

    It’s not easy. Here i am! =)

    But I have to prioritize accordingly and smacking myself upside the head every now and again helps too.

  5. I just barely started with pinterest. So I blog, use twitter, and do pinterest. I’m not as savvy as you are when it comes to being connected. But I don’t want to spread myself too thin. I follow so many blogs that I want to be able to visit most or all of them in a month at least once.

  6. roguemutt says:

    I wonder about that too. I have no idea what Klout, Tumblr, Pinterest, and some of these others are let alone why I should use them. I hate Facebook but my stupid family is on there so it’s like the only way to reach them sometimes. I’d rather just use Twitter because it’s easier.

  7. Akoss says:

    I pick and chose which platform I want to spend time on and that I enjoy. So far I’ve snubbed tumblr and google+. I recently tried getting into pinterest, but with all these copyright issues, I’m not sure how to properly use it yet.
    And you’re right. Social Networking could = overload.

  8. Stephanie says:

    I totally pick and choose. Facebook has become so grabby with information and so annoying with its constant changes and burying of the privacy settings and controls that I abandoned it months ago. I don’t miss it.

    My blog is totally on its way out. I’m out of ideas, out of care, out of everything for it.

    I’ve joined Tumblr and I love it. I’m a lot freer there than on my original blog to post what I want. I mostly post pictures that spark my imagination in some way which gives me a lot of wiggle room. I thoroughly enjoy it.

    Twitter, oh how I love twitter. With Tweetdeck I can keep up with Twitter while I write and vent frustrations on there while i write (like yelling at my characters and plots). Twitter is the easiest, for me, to keep up with because I can let it run in the background as I do whatever else needs doing at the time.

    But with all of it, I try not to allow myself on until after I’ve done my writing time for the morning. I work on WiPs first thing in the morning now and then I can go enjoy all the social networking I want when I have free time later on in the day.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Oh, and I had Google+ but got so tired of all these random people adding me to their circles, people I had no inkling of an idea of knowing, and I forgot about it so much of the time, that I deleted my profile over there. I have noticed that Google+ integration is much slower across the internet than Pinterest integration or Tumblr integration. I don’t even know what Klout is.

  10. While there are a gazillion sites, I strongly feel we don’t need to be on ALL of them. Pick your favourites (it also helps if your favourite one is also a popular one) and stick with those.

  11. Stephanie says:

    I’d also suggest leaving at least one social networking site just for your own pleasure. Yes, I’m on Pinterest. Yes, I have a board there for inspiration pics for my current WiP (and might put some quotes and such on that board). But I’m not being overly vocal about Pinterest and I’m diversifying. I have a board for recipes and landscapes and I’m sure I’ll continue to add boards in. I’m keeping Pinterest for myself to indulge with and slowly making the transition from blogger to tumblr for the compulsory blog that goes along with wanting to be published these days. On Pinterest I am giving myself permission to use it for whatever and not peg myself into one little corner that will get old after a year.

  12. I started out with writing forums. Haven’t visited them in a while. Hung out on Facebook for a bit, but got bored of that real fast. I’m more into blogging, and I do hang out on Twitter. I’ve already lost interest in Google +.

  13. Ciara Knight says:

    I, too, struggle with this. I’m actually enjoying FB less and wish to move more toward Pinterest, but I don’t want to lose contact with my FB buddies. Oh, the struggles we face. πŸ™‚

  14. Krispy says:

    Great question! I don’t know! These things are all such time sucks! I usually end up on a social network because my friends are on it because then it’s fun and useful. For example, I’ve had pinterest for a few months now, but I didn’t start really using it until like last week when suddenly a bunch of my friends and online friends started pinning away.

    I’ll have to get back to you on the time management part of this question…

  15. Yikes! I am on twitter, FB, Google+, linked in. I just can’t spread myself any thinner. If I do I would be so skinny I’d blow away. *wink*

    Seriously Laura. A writer must write first. If we don’t have enough time to write, then all of this is for nuttin’. I may never join pinterest. I just need my writing time. I have enough time sucking social networks. I love twitter best.

    Time management? Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  16. aparnanairphotography says:

    “More love, less facebook.” That was grafitti on this one wall I saw in Europe. I didn’t realize that wisdom could manifest in the form of urban decay.

  17. It’s called don’t spread yourself too thin!
    I focus on Blogger, a little on Twitter, Google+ if I actually remember, and then Goodreads a couple times a week. Yes, I do spend many hours online – sometimes six a day, as I usually visit over a hundred blogs a day. (I’m fortunate that I can blog from work.) But I only post three times a week and on the days in between, I pull back a bit. That gives me time to catch my breath.

  18. Eek! That’s too many to even think about, much less keep up with. Le sigh.

  19. Kendall Grey says:

    Yeah, the world is a crazy place since technology lured us in with its evil temptations. I spend hours on social networks when I should be writing. I refuse to join Pinerest because I know I’ll get completely sucked in. My ADD self simply can’t handle another distraction.

  20. Yep, it’s getting rather much. I love my blog, so I do that as it’s fun. I’m also on the Amazon forum for an exchange about reading. I love keeping in touch on Facebook and Twitter, but that’s all for the time being. I deleted my profile on LinkedIn and I don’t follow up request for google+. It’s eating up too much time, so I cut it down. I need to write. Best is to have a time window in which you allow yourself to chat. Point is, that when you log out of Twitter, the world doesn’t stop moving and you’re not missed. There are so many people chatting. One has to make priorities and for me it’s writing and editing.

    Don’t worry too much. πŸ™‚

  21. Leigh Moore says:

    you know, I don’t try to keep up with all the sites. I just can’t, and I think it’s better to focus on the one or two (three?) that I can be really good at and then leave the rest alone. So I’ve got a blog, I’m on FB, and … Pinterest has sucked me in. Yes. πŸ˜€

  22. It is overwhelming. Some great advice in the comments about how to handle it. I like the pick two or three to focus on approach. πŸ™‚

  23. Karen Lange says:

    It’s tiring just thinking about it, really. I’ve not delved into much beyond Facebook and Twitter, and even rather minimally for those two. Joined Google + and a handful of others of late, but just can’t keep my head above water. More recently thinking of scaling back my blog posts to once a week so I can actually get some writing – the kind I really want to do – done. Perhaps if I hire a stunt double to keep up…oh wait, that requires actual money. Well, will just have to wait till the ship comes in! πŸ™‚

  24. Arlee Bird says:

    All of this social media is getting ridiculous. Between my blog and a hopeless inundation of emails I am getting further and further behind.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  25. Misha says:

    Hahahahaha I cheat. My blog is connected to twitter which is linked to Facebook and LinkedIn. Any posts I make also automatically go onto G+.

    But, twitter and blogger are my main tools. I only respond to responses on the others. πŸ™‚

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