Impromptu Schedule Change

Hey gang.

This week I’m altering the schedule of posts. There’s a lot of news about covers and debut novellas coming out, so I hopped on the bandwagon and helped my writerly buds share their exciting news!

Tomorrow 2/7 (Tuesday), is the reveal of Lynn Rush’s second novel in her Wasteland series, AWAITED. It’s awesome, so be sure to pop back over tomorrow to check it out!

I’m skipping Wednesday.

Friday 2/10, I’ll share my review of Christine Fonseca’s debut novella DIES IRAE.

Saturday 2/11, Christine will share her experience of writing novellas and novels, two very different beasts.


5 comments on “Impromptu Schedule Change

  1. Kendall Grey says:

    I’m looking forward to sharing Lynn Rush’s AWAITED cover tomorrow too. It is AMAZING. 🙂

  2. LydiaK says:

    Lots of stuff! Thanks Laura and see you later this week…:)

  3. It sounds interesting. Looking forward to the posts

  4. I can’t wait to read Christine’s post. She guest posting on my blog on Wednesday. It’s an awesome post. I’m currently reading her book. 😀

  5. J.C. Martin says:

    Ooh, I love cover reveals! Looking forward to it!

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