Flake-out Friday: It’s My Berfday and I’m Giving Away a Present!

Ok, so my birthday is tomorrow, but since I don’t blog on Saturday, I’m celebrating early and I’m sharing the lurve with all y’all!

I’ll gift TWO lucky commenters with things I enjoy, namely all things Halloween or vampire-ish and all things book-ish.

That’s right. All you have to do is comment on this post (I’d also appreciate some chatter via Twitter, Facebook, etc) and you’ll be entered to win one of two prizes.

The first name chosen by random.org will win:

A copy of The Near Witch by Victoria Scwab. This book is a DELIGHTFUL read. The prose is SO beautiful I savored every page. Every. Page. For realz.

The second name chosen by random.org will win:

This super fun vampiress wine glass complete with fangs and boobies. *grin*

(the other side of the glass reads: Who wants a kiss?)

You have ONE WEEK to enter. The contest closes Friday, October 21, 2011 at MIDNIGHT EST. I’ll announce the winner the week after.


28 comments on “Flake-out Friday: It’s My Berfday and I’m Giving Away a Present!

  1. Happy birthdya for tomorrow, have a lovely day!

  2. Sheri Larsen says:

    OMGosh…either is awesome!

    Have a happy birthday, tomorrow. Do something special for yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Erin says:

    Happy Birthday, Laura. Have a fantastic, fun filled day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Kendall Grey says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The book and the glass look awesome. What a great idea to give them away. Hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow. Will be thinking about you!

  5. EArroyo says:

    Happy birthday and thanks.

  6. Leigh Moore says:

    Hey, happy early b’day to YOU!!! And what a fun way to celebrate. I hope you have a super-great day tomorrow~ ((hugs))

  7. amie borst says:

    happy early birthday! hope it’s a fantastic one!

  8. Happy birthday! Do go have fun tomorrow!

    What fun prizes! Thanks for the party. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Arlee Bird says:

    Happy birthday! I was I was twenty again.

    My new dream blog

  10. Happy Happy Birthday!

  11. lenny says:

    hi dr laura! woweee! its your birthday!!! how cool is that!!! have a real happy day tomorrow and eat lots of cake and ice cream. i hope you get lots of cool presents.
    …big happy birthday hugs from lenny

  12. Happy Birthday. I’m fine with either of these gifts. Thank you for the contest.

  13. dawnall says:

    Happy Birthday! I love the cover of The Near Witch…loves good. Hope the birthday was over the top good.

  14. Catherine Johnson says:

    Happy Birthday, Laura!!!

  15. roguemutt says:

    Happy birthday. I hope random.org chooses someone else.

  16. akossket says:

    Sweet you’re an October girl as well!!!
    Happy Awesome Super Fun Birthday to you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. John Sankovich says:

    What a trip, your birthday is the same day as my wedding anniversary. Have a great birthday.

  18. Vicki Tremper says:

    Ooh, I really want to read The Near Witch! Happy Birthday tomorrow! (That’s also my niece’s bday.) Hope you have a great weekend of celebration.

  19. lexcade says:

    Fun!!!!! Happy birthday a day early ๐Ÿ˜‰ What a sweet thing to do!

  20. Not entering to win, but I wanted to say happy birthday!

  21. aparnanairphotography says:

    Happy (early) Birthday! It’s not too often that you come across somebody so accomplished, talented and smart. You’re wonderful, and you deserve ABSOLUTELY the best birthday ~ whether it’s resting in bed all day with a yummy cake or spending a week in Italy. Have a wonderful day and anticipate something yummy on Monday!

  22. James Peercy says:

    Happy Birthday! Look forward to receiving your posts! We’ve passed the message along on our facebook page Stories To Tell! http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Stories-To-Tell/101498509956547

  23. kmcambion says:

    Happy Birfday!

  24. Patsy Hagen says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

  25. HOW EXCITING! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it is THE best day ever!

    All the best!

  26. Ciara Knight says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a great day. Sorry for the delay, I was out of town.

  27. Lydia K says:

    Happy Happy Belated Birthday girl! Hugs!

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