Flake-out Friday–To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo…That Is The Question

My closest friends know I can take a LONG time to make a decision. I’m not talking a few hours or days, I’m talking months to years.

Yeah, I know.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for a few weeks now and I’m pretty certain the idea is sticking. (Amazing, considering I thought about my other tattoos for, like, a year before I actually got them. I only have two and they’re “benign,” no sleeves or anything.)

Here’s one I have on my right wrist:

Okay, so I’m thinking about getting some type of vine design around my left wrist. I like the black and grays because they seem simpler to me. I’ve been looking at examples, but haven’t picked anything out yet. (That could take a while, LOL!)

Now it’s your turn to dish. Do you have tattoos? If so, what of?

PS–I will send a book of your choice (via Amazon) to the FIRST person to guess what this image represents. You’ve got to be specific, though! 😉


26 comments on “Flake-out Friday–To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo…That Is The Question

  1. I got my first one two weeks ago which you prob saw on my blog (“believe” and a butterfly). Your idea sounds good and will match the picture above so I say go for it 🙂

  2. EArroyo says:

    I’m too chicken. My sister has two. She wants all of us sisters to get the lotus flower. I forgot what it means. Um, I went to child labor because I really had no choice, I will not go through any more pain than I have to. LOL.

  3. Regina says:

    I’m not brave enough to ink my skin. My sisters have and a lot of my friends and they are all very beautiful. I just can’t do it. Yours if very nice it reminds me of one of those tranquil wind mills that kids play with. I can’t remember what they are called but those are the best. 🙂

  4. Artemis Grey says:

    I’ve got a tiny, plain black one of runes above my left breast that I got when I was 18. It’s probably the kind that most people would regret later in life, but I still adore it and everything it represents.

    Then… my entire back is done… 🙂 Okay, so it’s not ‘entire’ like, no bare skin left ‘entire’ but it’s 9 hours worth of ink and goes from the base of my neck to the top of my butt and is in color. I thought about it for several years before getting it, and I designed/drew it so I knew EXACTLY what was going on me.

  5. Dani says:

    I have 4, 3 of which are memorials. Never been brave enough to get one where it will be easily visible, although my mom thinks the one on my foot (a tiny heart for crying out loud!) isn’t hidden enough!

  6. Carol Riggs says:

    Ooo, that’s a pretty one you have. I wouldn’t do it myself. I don’t like the idea of having ink under my skin. I’ll go for the temporary cheaty kind! ;o)

  7. Lynn Rush says:

    I have no idea what yours represents. I like it. Does it have something to do with peace? Serenity?

    I have three tats. 🙂 I love tattoos. 🙂 I have three crosses. Inner left wrist is a small one of nails. Left arm is a cross with Hope, Faith, and Love around it, And the third is another cross on my left shoulder blade that has He is Risen on it. Yeah…I have a thing for crosses. LOL!

  8. No tattoos, but hubby has one on his left shoulder.
    Happy Friday!

  9. I figure your tattoo represents either an inky pointsetta, and therefore is all about Cthulhu Christmas, OR it’s one of those mini windmill toys like Regina suggested, and therefore is all about your quest for perpetual motion.

    I’m thinking it’s probably Cthulhu Christmas.

    I have a tattoo across the centre of my upper back that says “prototype” in a futuristic computer-style font. It’s a reference to the metal parts of me. (That’s not a metaphor: I have a lot of metal plates and pins in my arms from a cycling accident I had when I was 20. Basically, I am a cyborg.)

    I love vines around the wrist tattoos. I knew a woman who had a green one. When she wore long sleeves, you would only occasionally catch a glimpse of it. It was cool.

  10. Arlee Bird says:

    No tattoos here and not a fan of tattoos at all. Besides, I’ve got better things to spend my money on.

    Tossing It Out

  11. Lydia K says:

    I have an organic sort of flowery abstract design on my left ankle. It represents my family. So I’m going to guess yours has something to do with friendship or family.

  12. Nope. I never could figure out what I’d want forever on my skin. I do like fake tats, though. 🙂

  13. J E Fritz says:

    I think your tattoo looks like a pinwheel. I’m sure that’s not it, but it is a very nice design. Very symmetrical, like a fractal shape.

    I don’t have a tattoo. I’m a baby about pain : ). Maybe someday I’ll build up the courage to get one.

  14. roguemutt says:

    Tattoos are so cliche anymore. In a few years all you women getting them will want to get rid of them. it’ll be a golden age for the tattoo removal industry! Even if you don’t get rid of them they’ll look gross when you get old and wrinkly.

  15. Vicki Tremper says:

    Interesting bunch of comments here, Laura. I like the fake kind, too, because I love to be able to change my mind (and there’s a religious issue that has to do with burial). I’m into butterflies.

    I’ll guess your tat represents eternity.

  16. amie borst says:

    i have no flipping idea of what that tattoo symbolizes. it’s cool though.
    i’m not a tattoo person myself, but go for it!

  17. I don’t have any tattoos, but I tend to flock towards people who do. I really apreciate how beautiful my friends tats are, but I have never been able to come up with something I would want on my body forever.

    Though I think that if I ever got my novel published, there would be one tattoo I would have to get. (It’s on a characer in my novel).

    It’s great that you are giving yourself time to make sure you know what you want. Too many people run off and get tattoos without thinking.

    That is going to be on you for the rest of your life. You should LOVE it.

  18. If I had gotten brave enough to get a tatt earlier in life, I would likely have a few by now. Just got my first one redone. Yours is really pretty, but I have no idea what it means. Do post pics when you get your new one! I’m hoping to finally get my second one around Christmas 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  19. I like tattoos though I have a fear of needles and an extremely low pain threshold, so I’d never be able to get one myself. But if I could, I have a few ideas for small ones I’d like. Symbols that hold a meaningful significance to me.

    Your tattoo is beautiful btw. I like the simplicity of it. I think it looks like a pinwheel, which is known to be a symbol for turning one’s luck or fortune around. I’m probably way off, but I’m sure it means something important to you.

  20. lbdiamond says:

    Some great guesses here, but nobody’s unlocked the symbolism behind my tattoo yet!

  21. I’m too much of a wimp to get a tattoo but I think your tattoo is wonderful. I would like to see what it looks like later.

  22. I used to want a tattoo but I’m not a fan of needles or pain 😉

  23. I love your tattoo, Laura. I have Thumper on my butt. When my 11 year old was 18 months old, whenever we went into the public washroom, he would say, “Mommy’s got a bunny on her bum.” Fortunately it sounded more like ‘bunnyserbum.’ 😀

    I want to get a tattoo on the back of my shoulder. But I don’t know what it will be and if I’ll actually get one.

    That tattoo looks familiar but I can’t remember why. 😛

  24. ketmakkura says:

    To me, your tattoo looks like a pinwheel.

    I know what I want for my first tattoo, but I can’t have it yet. I have to publish my first book before I can.

  25. Niki Moss says:

    Pretty! I’ve never been brave enough to get one. Yours reminds me of a lotus flower, or maybe a peony. I believe lotus flowers represent emergence from the dark depths more alive than ever. Or more beautiful than ever? A life more beautiful because of struggle? Something like that!
    I have no idea what peony’s represent, although I do love them.

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