Blog Chain–Look On the Bright Side

Super talented writer and blog buddy Michelle H. asks a fabulous question to us blog chainers. It’s particularly apropos for me as I tread water in the query pool.

Be positive! Name some of the positive aspects of your writing — be it a compliment from a mentor, friend or crit partner to anything special you learned concerning your writing skills.

When it’s so easy to get beaten down by the rejections, it’s CRUCIAL to remember your strengths. (Hopefully, I won’t sound to conceited or grandiose in listing these, LOL!)

  • I can write action scenes well
  • I got my MC’s voice
  • My MG captures humor pretty well (which is not something that comes easy for me)
  • I am good at listening to feedback and try to keep an open mind
  • Even though it hurts, I take the plunge and cut out whatever doesn’t work
  • I keep the pace going
  • I kill “was” and “that” whenever possible, but allow myself to use them when appropriate
  • I have added adverbs INTO my MS and am PROUD OF IT

How about you? What are some positives about your writing–please share!!!

Check out Margie’s post if you missed it from yesterday and stay tuned for Shaun’s post tomorrow. 😉

9 comments on “Blog Chain–Look On the Bright Side

  1. Good for you Laura.

    I think it’s super healthy to realize our strengths in writing. And no, it’s not boastful to realize what they are.

    For me, as I’ve been told countless times, I write description beautifully. There is also a lyrical feel to my writing which I do strive for since I write fantasy.

    I have a strong voice.

    I also listen to constructive criticisms well and do the necessary changes.

    I have great patience when writing. I will continue editing until a scene is perfect.

    In my first ms, I “murdered” thousands of was’, weres, and adverbs. I will keep some in my writing because they are necessary at times. After all if they weren’t why were they created.

    This post is very necessary, Laura. Since we all get rejected and it CAN get to us, we always should remember what are strengths are and focus on them in our writing. Our unique style will get us that coveted agent or publisher.

  2. Michelle H. says:

    Great list! The fact you found the voice of your MG well is a sure fire indication of you finding your dream agent.

  3. Donna Hole says:

    Complimenting ourselves is a far cry from bragging or being conceited. You gotta know your strengths.

    I like your list. It lets me know what writing style will appeal to me if I read your novel. I love well developed characters, and will put a good, plot driven novel down if the characters are not engaging enough.

    My strengths are in developing realistic characters, transitions, dialogue, and setting. I don’t write descriptive prose well, but I integrate the people and place so you feel you are in the setting.

    Have a good day Laura. Keep up your confidence in yourself and your writing. It will shine through in your query.


  4. roguemutt says:

    Can I hire you to write action scenes? It’s not that I’m bad at them; I just don’t care about them.

  5. Nas says:

    Hi, I like your list. And timely for me. I get disheartened very fast.

    All the best!

  6. What a great idea! I know that I’m definitely one of those people who cannot take compliments about writing. If someone says something positive, I explain it away by saying “Oh, well they’re just being nice.” If they say something negative, though, I’m all over it, figuring out how to address the concern and fix it in the manuscript.

  7. Trisha says:

    Agreed, it’s important to focus on what’s great about your writing – ESPECIALLY in those times when you’ve just been rejected. 😉

  8. Vicki Tremper says:

    Sorry that I’ve been MIA recently. Weekends are busy this month.

    Anyway…you are right. During the query process especially, you need to build yourself up however you can.

    Good luck querying and hang in there! Remember, you are an awesome writer and you deserve your chance!

  9. Sounds like a good list of positives! Humor is definitely a positive.

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