Flake-out Friday–“Y” is for Yummy Things

Okay, so I have an ENORMOUS sweet tooth. Seriously. That’s why I’d like to dedicate the “Y” post to Yummy things.

Here are some of my favorite sweet stuffs (I NEED them for quality writing, so don’t judge me, ‘kay? 😉 ):

Snickers - Click Image to Close


I’m totally drooling right now.

Sooooo, what are your favorite snacks???


25 comments on “Flake-out Friday–“Y” is for Yummy Things

  1. I adore butterfinger candy bars, but I can’t get them here in the UK. I’m sure my writing is suffering because of it. LOL

  2. Jessica Bell says:

    Oh yum!!! Ice cream ANY flavour. Peppermint cream filed Cadbury chocolate, Cherry ripe, and bullets. Do you know what bullets are?

  3. Carradee says:

    Chips. Corn chips, potato chips, melba toast chips—well, you get the idea. Though I have to watch the ingredients lists; I have some unusual intolerances and allergies.

  4. Kendall Grey says:

    I’m cursing you right now. Geez! I’ve been dieting all week, and like you, I have an insane-o sweet tooth (chocolate and raspberries will be my downfall, without a doubt). That cheesecake pic…Yeah, now I’m planning a trip to Cheesecake Factory this weekend.

    Thanks a lot for ruining my life!


    *Wuvs you* 🙂

  5. Yummy! Give me a caramel frap and I’m chillin’! Blessings to you, Laura…

  6. Cheree says:

    Ooh, I love Caramel Creme eggs. I’m also a sucker for white chocolate.

  7. Hey now, what a great way to wrap up the A to Z Challenge but to reward yourself with ice cream and cheesecake!

  8. Ciara Knight says:

    I so didn’t want to see this right now. 🙂 I went shopping with my petite mother a few days ago for an outfit I need for a photo shoot with my family. I kept getting comments like, “um, hon, you probably don’t want your arms to show.” “That really highlights your top, and, well, you know.” Ugh! yes, I’m on a diet now. 😦 My mother is the sweetest lady, but has issues with weight. It drives hubby nuts!

  9. Vixter2010 says:

    Mmmm yummy treats!

  10. Talli Roland says:

    Ahhhh! You have just made me sooooo hungry!

    (Btw, my blog has gone missing, so I’m posting here until it gets sorted: http://marshawrites.blogspot.com.)

  11. Ah, man, now I gotta have some chocolate. I have such a weakness for sweets. Especially brownies.

  12. *wipes Pop Tart breakfast from her mouth* Ahem.

    Yes, sweet things are quite enjoyable and healthy too. *wink*

    Laura! You made me hungry. :0)

  13. Lydia K says:

    These days it’s Reese’s Peanut butter cups, but the little bite size ones. They are evil. But good.

  14. Lynn Rush says:

    Oh my WORD! I’m so craving sweets now. Gosh. I love malted milk balls, Milk Duds, hot fudge sundaes. . . . I could go on, but I think the pounds just padded my thighs thinking about it. LOL

    Happy Friday!

  15. Now I really want some cheese cake. Yum. My favorite snacks would have to be fresh baked homemade apple pie. I make a killer pie. 🙂 Ala mode too!

  16. Sylvia says:

    Mmmm… Cadbury Eggs (drool). I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to visiting again.

  17. Sarah says:

    Cadbury eggs are my favorite, but I only eat them once a year. And now I’m very hungry, and you’re to blame.

  18. Vicki Tremper says:

    That was the wrong post for me to read while I wait for my husband to come home with our take-out dinner. LOL. Enjoy some yummy things while you finish the dystopian that I’m anxiously awaiting! *hugs*

  19. Okay, hate you. 😉

    You could at least had a warning: please do not scroll down if you haven’t eatten dinner yet. 😀

  20. baygirl32 says:

    you’re making my tummy growel

  21. I cannot choose just one! For today, it was the tiny Reese peanut butter cups, the ones in the pastel wrappers for Easter.

    I also wrote on “Y is for Yummy” today. 🙂

  22. roguemutt says:

    I like the peanut butter eggs better than the Cadbury ones, though those are good too.

  23. So it’s 9:50am and I’m already hungry for sweets now. Thanks. I love all of the things above. Plus I have a new love for dried sugared pinapple. It’s so sweet and delicious. Yum.

    ❤ Gina Blechman

  24. Catherine Johnson says:

    Me too, great pics, now what’s in the cupboard?

  25. Trisha says:

    I love those cream eggs… DROOL!

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