WIP Wednesday…The Demo Is Taking Longer Than Anticipated

After nearly four weeks of renovating, the plumbing is finally coming together. We discovered that the previous owner ignored existing problems, so we had to fix “OLD/cob-jobbed” problems on top of “Gee, the house has been empty for over three years” problems.

The bathroom above the dining room leaked…and leaked…and leaked…until the ceiling started dripping…and dripping…and collapsing.

The ceiling had layers–sheet rock over plaster, over metal to hold the plaster, over concrete (yes, concrete), over wood planks…oh, and the pipes were EMBEDDED in the concrete. Yeah. *flails*

On the flip side, I’m happy to be resolving the issues NOW rather than after I’ve moved in…If I had waited, well, the picture above would have been much worse and would have likely included furniture damage.

Other good news includes:

  • I have 3-prong outlets now!
  • Lighting will be improved
  • I have learned how to fix minor plaster issues (…but not the big ones)
  • I have a refrigerator and washer/dryer!
  • I now have “friends” at Lowe’s and The Home Depot (seriously, most of the staff recognize me know because I’ve gone to one store or the other, like, daily)
  • I will be moving in two weeks (no matter what the place looks like, LOL!)
  • I ❤ my house!

Guess you gotta tear things apart to make them better, huh? Kinda like writing. 😉

Be sure to check out Lydia’s response to her writerly question for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog, ‘kay?

17 comments on “WIP Wednesday…The Demo Is Taking Longer Than Anticipated

  1. Haha! I have at least 2 typos in there…gotta fix ’em at some point. Lol.

  2. Vicki Tremper says:

    This has been quite a journey. Good luck!

  3. Akoss says:

    Holly cow… talk about demolition.
    But you’re right, after all this is over, it’s going to look GREAT.

  4. Stephanie McGee says:

    Water is not your friend. Not when it comes to houses. And don’t you just love shoddy craftsmanship? Seriously, it’s the best. EVER. *eye roll* Good luck with the move!

  5. OMW. Yeah, good thing it happened before you moved in.

    Hope it’s the worst of your renovation worries.

  6. Lydia K says:

    Exactly like writing! It’s a labor of love, is it not?

    You rock in your home improvement skills. Go Laura!

  7. vixter2010 says:

    Eek water and holes are bad. Hope you get it all sorted soon, I’m sure it will look fab as a finished product!

  8. I’m glad to hear that your enthusiasm has outlasted your challenges. Typically, fixer-uppers are not for the faint of heart. Blessings to you as you continue to make your dreams come true…

  9. Wow, what a mess! I’m glad you caught it before the ceiling caved it.

    And I love the wallpaper in the third photo. Seriously. That little bit of it looks old-fashioned/cool. 🙂

  10. Lynn Rush says:

    YAY! Love these pictures.

  11. roguemutt says:

    So that was a real fixer-upper, huh?

  12. Donna Hole says:

    You got a deal, right? you knew it was a fixer upper?

    Life never turns out like we dream. But . . you own the place. and when its’s all invested in, it will be worth it.

    If feel both your love of ownership, and frustrations. Life.

    Good Luck Laura.


  13. I am so happy for you! I would love to have a house like yours. Please, show us the finished product. Can’t wait to see the new lights and such.

  14. lenny lee says:

    yikes! that ceilings a big mess for sure. water could do so much damage on everything. im glad that didnt get happening when you were all move in and cozy. ack! thatt drain pipe heart is way cool!

  15. Oh my gosh, what a mess! Well, I’m glad it’s all workin out for you. You’ll have to post some pictures once you’re moved in.

    ❤ Gina Blechman

  16. Talli Roland says:

    Wow! It looks like it’s coming together. Yes, exactly like writing. 🙂

  17. Catherine Johnson says:

    WOW! You’re really taking it all in your stride. That’s a big hole!

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