Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog–Writing Goals

 Can I get a woot-woot for the New Year? *Woot!*

This month, Deb asks the pertinent and timely question:

What are your writing goals for 2011?

Last week, I featured two posts on goals. One focused on how to’s and the other focused on my approach to goals. Today, I’ll actually share my list of writing goals for 2011.

Drum roll please!

  1. Get feedback for rewrite of TALENT’S BLOOD while tackling the dreaded query letter. (Already in progress.)
  2. Get *much* better title for TALENT’S BLOOD, THE REWRITE. (I’m thinking ENDURE…?).
  4. Take a Xanax (maybe several), then query agents for TALENT’S BLOOD, THE REWRITE.
  5. Ignore the sting of the R’s. (Again, the Xanax will help with that.)
  6. Rewrite TALENT’S BLOOD, THE REWRITE again. (Um, I’m hoping NOT to have to do this one.)
  7. Finish MG adventure. (It’s 1/2 done and the outline is there for me to resume when ready!)
  8. Outline and write a MG (as of yet untitled) adventure with a twist. (This one will require a lot of research.)
  9. Do you think I’ll have an agent yet? Show of hands, please.
  10. Have my writerly buds pull me back from the brink of quitting. Again.
  11. Revise DARK PRIDE–the kitty shapeshifter one…I miss Nickie and Xavian. There, I’ve said it.

In reviewing this list, I’ve noticed a few things.

  1. My goals start out very concrete and logical–get feedback, revise, etc. Then they become larger the further along I go (relatively distant goals tend to do that, I guess).
  2. There’s a lotta excitement–and stress–heading my way, LOL!
  3. You gotta have a sense of humor in this game.
  4. Writing buds are a NECESSITY!

So, what’re your writing goals for 2011? Be sure to pop in next week for Lydia’s goals!

10 comments on “Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog–Writing Goals

  1. Ciara Knight says:

    Waving hand high, Laura. 🙂 I bet you’ll have an agent soon. I can’t wait to read your YA and MG. That’s my true passion. I’ve been writing and adult fantasy, but that came out of nowhere. I wrote a short story, agent read it, asked me to turn it into a novel. So I did. 🙂
    I think these are great goals. The most important would be to maintain those writer buds! 🙂

  2. Natasha Hanova says:

    Writing buds are an absolute for me. In this case 4 5=10.

    A support system truly helps because I don’t know a writer who’s writing confidence doesn’t faulted after tons of rejection.

    I’m so excited for you. You have a great story with TALENTS BLOOD, THE REWRITE. I’d love to see more posts about the story & characters & how they’ve changed.

  3. Sarah says:

    One day at a time. My goal is to finish my current wip. My aspiration is to be able to write one or two sequels to one of my novels … but I must wait to do that until I have a publisher for the first! So I’ll occupy my time writing a different novel. I don’t plan too far in advance, though. I’m more of a month by month person!

    A year is a REALLY long time. In January of last year, I was utterly clueless, with a terrible book, a godawful query, and no writing buds. And a year later … so, so much has changed. So I think you might be surprised at how far you’ll get this year!

  4. Lydia K says:

    Your goals are faberrific. I just made that up. Like it?
    You have such dedication and drive, I know you are going places with your writing career.
    Another high five for crit partners, yeah!

  5. Charli Mac says:

    Finish the final edit for my first MS, that’s beens done since spring. Finally decide on an opening and stick with it!

  6. Stephanie McGee says:

    My goals? Revise and query 1 novel. Write 1 or 2 more. Finish a poetry collection and try to get it published.

  7. I wrote for myself a list of intentions for 2011. I just opened it just now to see what it said. Duh. Each intention was vague. I remember now that I meant to go back into the document and, in outline form, make a list of how I planned to implement each goal. I haven’t done that yet. Procrastination with a capital P? Maybe and maybe not. I have a time shortage. At least it seems this way to me. Do you find yourself with more to-do items than time to do them? Blessings to you, Laura…

  8. Woot-woot for the New Year! 🙂

    And hurray for crit partners!!!

    Oh, oh. I’d better start thinking about goals again. Shudder. 😉

  9. Becky Povich says:

    Hi! I’m here via Lydia’s blog. I agree….having writer buds has helped me immensely. Writers “get it”…and many times other people don’t! Good luck with your writing, editing, query letter writing, etc! You can do it! And….my goal for this year….finsih my memoir that I’ve been fiddle-farting with for way too long! 😀

  10. Yes, you will get an agent. 🙂 You can do it! Writerly buds are a must.
    Good luck!

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