Kate asks us to share what books mean to us this round. What a GREAT question!!!

I could go on and on and on and on, but I’ll spare you. Instead, I’ll share a list of attributes I believe books have.

They have:

  • Pages
  • Words

Just kidding folks! (bad joke, huh?)

Okay, this is for real this time. (I pwommiss.)

Books are:

  • Wonderful entertainment
  • A way of escaping
  • An opportunity to experience something outside of your own life
  • A method of education and imparting knowledge
  • Super fun to write
  • Super HARD to write
  • Absolutely, postively, 100% awesome to shop for
  • A great addition to any bookshelf…or table…or bedstand…or floor…or bare inch of empty space
  • A fantastic gift!
  • A patient companion (really, who else would spend months turned over, pages bent, on the bedstand until you find even a spare moment to pick up?)
  • A coping mechanism
  • Always there for you
  • A treasure.

Tell me, friends, what do books mean to you?

Be sure to check out Michelle M’s post tomorrow and if you missed yesterday’s post by Sarah, here’s the link.

Happy reading!


13 comments on “BLOG CHAIN–Books Are…

  1. Lynn Rush says:

    I agree with a lot of your list. I really love books for the escaping aspect. To dive into another world is just what I look for in a book–heck, in a movie, too!

    Great post!

  2. Great list. I agree with all your points, especially the last one. Books are a treasure!

  3. Ciara Knight says:

    I’m back online! I thought I would die without internet. LOL.
    Oh, this is a great list, Laura. I agree with everything. Ditto!!
    Hope you enjoyed your holidays.

  4. You called it – a means of escape and a new way to view the world.

  5. I have to agree with everything you listed–with one exception. Now that I have a Kindle, books don’t have to have pages.

  6. My favorite place to shop is a bookstore. I am not a shopper. I hate to shop. Show me a bookstore; I’m a happy shopper! Blessings to you…

  7. Michelle H. says:

    A great list! The things books can mean to people is wonderful.

  8. Awesome list! And yes, they are hard to write 🙂

  9. Love every single thing on that list! 😀 And I just realized today is my day…I was thinking it was tomorrow LOL better go write my post 😀

  10. LOL, I love the first list. Great joke. Aside from that however, I like your list and completely agree with it. Great way to answer this fun question.

  11. Nice!! I really like them described as a “treasure.” That’s perfect.

  12. Cole Gibsen says:

    Your profile is SNOWING!!! I LOVE IT! And your post is spot on!

  13. All terrific answers and I totally agree with each and every one of them!

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