BLOG CHAIN–What happens after you die? Um, what happens to your writing, that is.

Shannon really hit us with a FANTASTIC question for this round of the blog chain!

Imagine this: when you’re gone, readers will remember your writing most for just one of these things: your characters, your plots, your settings, or your style. Which one (only one!) would you prefer over the rest? Why?

Wow, this is really sad, but I NEVER thought about this. Being remembered, I mean. So far, my writerly journey has been filled with self-discovery, learning, having FUN, and figuring out ways to avoid ripping my hair out when I’m totally frustrated. (Don’t worry, I don’t have any bald spots…but I am getting a fair amount of gray, oh no’s!) (Actually, medical school started the whole turning gray thing, for real.) (Sorry about the multiple parentheses.)

So, gosh, I never got to think ahead about my writing “legacy.” Gotta admit, though, I’m not the best at planning ahead. Seriously. I take it one day at a time.

Guess I’m doing a lot of dancing around the topic, ain’t I?

All right, all right, I’ll get to it…

Creating memorable characters is what’s most important to me. No matter what setting they’re in, how characters handle themselves and how they connect with the reader is KEY. And that’s just it, isn’t it? A reader can’t necessarily connect with a planet, or a time period, or plot twist. They are inanimate objects and abstract concepts, after all. What a reader really connects with is the character who’s living on planet X, in the 28th century, battling iPod nano bots. (By the way, in case you’re wondering, the iPod nanos win. It’s dystopian, OK?)

Characters. Final answer.

Be sure to check out Michelle’s answer tomorrow. And here’s Sarah’s post from yesterday in case you missed it!


11 comments on “BLOG CHAIN–What happens after you die? Um, what happens to your writing, that is.

  1. Misha says:

    I also hope that my characters will be remembered one day…

    Haha I like your idea for the iPod nano wars.


  2. Christine Fonseca says:

    Characters all the way!

  3. It looks like the characters are winning!

  4. Charli Mac says:

    Characters, definitely.

  5. Lindsay says:

    Awesome post. Characters all the way for me as well! 🙂

  6. amie borst says:

    if we’re talking about my blog, i really hope people remember my style. i’m all about service and uplifting others and i hope that shines through.

    if we’re talking about my books, then characters all the way! a great plot is nothing if the characters aren’t three dimensional.

  7. Paul Greci says:

    You know, I’ve never really thought about this. However, I know that character-driven novels are the novels that I remember long after I’ve finished reading them:-)

  8. Characters FTW. For the record, I am also a terrible planner. Future? What’s that?

  9. Cinette says:

    Characters are what I remember most after reading a story; so I guess I want my characters to live on after I’m gone.

  10. cole gibsen says:

    lol! iPod nano bots – love it! Great post 🙂

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