BLOG CHAIN–Go Back to the Beginning

Margie started this round of the blog chain with this FANTASTIC question:

How did you come to write your YA genre (e.g. contemp, fantasy, etc.)? AND (yep, it’s a 2 parter), if you weren’t writing that, what genre would you be interested in exploring?

1) My first novel was a fairy tale type number set in the past (like 600 years ago). So it had historical and fantasy elements with sorcerers, werewolves, an evil prince, and a reluctant heroine. (Gosh, I STILL love that story, but it was a bit of a monstrosity, LOL!) As I built a support network of writerly buds, I found a great deal of them wrote YA fiction. I was quite taken with the concept (I’d read a fair bit of YA too), so I gave it a whirl. LOVE IT!!!! I have kept the fantasy, paranormal, and even dystopian elements, but my characters are a bit younger now. 😉

2) I would love to explore the historical genre more, as well as science fiction. I’d have to do A LOT of research though…like A. LOT. Also, I’m not sure if I could pull off contemporary, but that would be fulfilling endeavor should I give it a shot.

Check out Bonny’s post from yesterday in case you missed it. Michelle gives her answers tomorrow!


14 comments on “BLOG CHAIN–Go Back to the Beginning

  1. I think historicals could be fun. The key would be picking an era that you’re already interested in to make the research more enjoyable.

  2. I happen to think the YA voice suits your writing quite well! Nice post, Laura!

  3. AlexJ says:

    I definitely recommend trying the science fiction!

  4. Sounds like a great question to ponder. I will have to check out some of the other responses.

  5. I’m so scared of sci-fi because I don’t want to get the science wrong. Great post!

  6. Shannon says:

    Have you considered revising your fairy tale novel for YA?

  7. I have to agree that I shy from historical fiction because of the amount of research that goes into it! I’m glad you found a genre to be passionate about. It makes all the difference in the quality of your writing! 🙂

  8. cole gibsen says:

    I agree with Amanda. I have ideas for historicals but am too afraid to act on them due to amount of RESEARCH. I shudder at the thought!

  9. […] sure to check out lbdiamond’s blog from Sunday. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Genre WritingWhy I believe YA […]

  10. this is also one of the reasons I began writing YA – it seemed like every other author I’d become friends with wrote it. In fact, ALL my close writer buds write YA/MG come to think of it LOL I had no choice 😀

  11. It’s funny what’s difficult for us and the genres we gravitate to. I really don’t think I could ever write a fantasy. The people who can amaze me. 🙂

  12. Ooh, the fairy tale book actually sounds kind of great! Maybe some day you could go back and revise it.

  13. Kat says:

    I believe you could pull off contemporary. You’re awesome!

  14. B.J. Anderson says:

    That first book you wrote sounds awesome!! I, too, think science fiction would be pretty cool. Great post!

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