The Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog–PLUS: Faster’s, I mean Slow and Steady is the Pace

This week, Zoe offers her writerly habits for us on the Traveling Blog! In case you missed Danyelle’s post last week, click here.

In this crazy, hectic, fast-paced, frenzied, manic society we live in, striving for fast and easy has become a well sought after endeavor. And, as with everything, there’s pros and cons to that.

Fast and easy sounds great, right? What happens when you toss that ideal into a culture–let’s use the publishing industry as an example, shall we?–that moves slowly and laboriously (ya know, like a glacier)?

Ugh. Slick oil turns to sludge. Dirt gets stuck in the cogs. The system comes to a grinding halt.

How do you handle standing still when everything around you seems to be going at the speed of light? Do you fester in your frustration or do you embrace the new state of being?

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4 comments on “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog–PLUS: Faster’s, I mean Slow and Steady is the Pace

  1. Lydia Kang says:

    Umm, I go a little crazy actually. Then I take a deep breath and read a few success stories about how slow and steady won the race.

  2. Lynn Rush says:

    I hold on tight and ride it out. Sometimes the stress of the hustle and bustle get to me, then I chill out and relax a bit with reading and biking and then jump back in and grab the rope again. . .

  3. Personally, I usually panic with it for a bit. After realizing sets in that I can either hold on or get off the bus, I usually just hold on. Because you just never know what’s gonna happen!

  4. LOL! I try to ignore the glacier and keep on writing in my own little world. My getting upset won’t make anything move faster. Though it could slow the whole process down…

    Keep on writing! 🙂

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