Total Eclipse of the Theater

Whether you’re a Twihard or not, you gotta admit The Twilight Saga has changed the way millions perceive vampires, and heck, teenagers. And for those of us who have been following this epic, today is a big day.

To kick off the festivities, here’s the trailer of Eclipse (for the Twihard):

And for those of you who just love a good spoof (or aren’t a Twihard):

If Twilight was a High School Musical:

New Moon: The Musical:

Alrighty, back to seriousness…

Who’s read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner? Will you? Why or why not?

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella (Twilight Saga)


9 comments on “Total Eclipse of the Theater

  1. Lynn Rush says:

    I can’t wait to see this movie this weekend! I haven’t read the novella yet, but my friend has ad said it was good! so, I guess I’ll venture out and get it. 🙂 I had a few friends brave the crowds and go to the midnight showings, I can’t wait to hear what they say about it. 🙂

  2. Amparo Ortiz says:

    This is so cool! I read Bree Tanner and thought it was interesting, just not awesome. One of my closest friends went to the LA premiere and actually saw the movie alongside R Pattz and the cast!

    And he touched her! *fans self*

    Thanks for the videos!

  3. I’m no familiar with twighlight at all. It so doesn’t interest me. Can’t pinpoint why. I don’t think I’ll ever read or see anything to do with it, to be honest!

  4. babytyche08 says:

    Oh my.. felt really sad .. 😦 me and my friends are supposed to watched eclipse today but i got sick.

  5. Christine Fonseca says:

    I totally will see the movie. But dude…couldn’t red the spinoff novella. So yeah…

    But I did enjoy most of the books.

  6. lbdiamond says:

    I plan to see the movie as well. The novella–I put it down a week ago…might try again. I figure in bits and pieces? *sigh*

  7. Lydia Kang says:

    That literal trailer was HILARIOUS. Someday I’ll see this with a friend, but I’m not waiting in line for it. I’m a liker, not a lover.

  8. haven’t been too interested in Bree Tanner or how short her life was, but loved the books and movies, especially the newest one 😀

  9. Bruce Pirie says:

    Can be

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