The Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog

Wow, can’t believe another month is drawing to a close! That means the traveling blog has come full circle…good thing too, cuz the blog van is almost out of gas.

This week, Zoe drives us home with her post on goals. Enjoy!

Stick around, because I’ll start off a new tour in two weeks!


Here’s sumthin’ I’ve been wonderin’ about and I’d like to hear your thoughts. Many posts on the writerly sites focus on developing well-rounded, three-dimensional characters. Protagonists with flaws, antagonists with endearing qualities, you know, interesting people. Awesome stuff, right?

On the flip side, I wanna hear what all y’all consider to be the annoying stereotypes that have been totally overdone. Like to the point where if you see another one, you’ll hurl.

I’ll get the party started:

  • The quirky, cute, but not pretty, friend
  • The nerd–thick glasses, messy hair, NO fashion sense, and so scrawny and pale you wonder if they eat protein
  • The mean chick–and she has to be a rich, shopaholic, cheerleader..oh yeah, and blonde
  • The aloof hottie who turns out to have a sensitive side
  • The jock–need I say more? Yeah, didn’t think so
  • The leather wearing badass–*yawn*
  • The shy, awkward girl–usually brunette…and sometimes smart
  • THE BROODING VAMPIRE–embrace the bloodlust, already! Gawd!

‘Kay, gang, your turn. What character has been done to the point uber-stereotype?

4 comments on “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog

  1. Rivenrod says:

    This is something that has been bothering me for a while, but only in a kind of splinter in the thumb kind of a way.

    I like to think I’m a forgiving reader but it is rare when all the ingredients for a fine tale come together in one delicious soup – storyline, plots, sub plots, intrigues, characters etc.

    Anyway, here are a few of the characterss and traits that make me want to chew my own feet. Of course, as always, there are exceptions.

    Any character that’s a misguided reference to ANY character in Lord of the Rings – Just a thought – Why is it that anyone who writes something that is remotely fantastical is always likened to Lord of the Rings. Have these people ever actually read the books?

    The sweet eating geography teacher with suede patches and tentative hairline.

    The louche alcoholic – a counter character that’s used to point up just how muscular, attractive and positive the other characters are.

    Any character at all that says things like – “Been there, done that, worn the tee shirt”.

    Stereotypical farmers and/or village idiots – Frankly you’ve got to be one to know one.

    Characters that tell you why they are thinking what they are thinking – unless that’s the whole point of the story.

    Teenage superheros – super dreary!

    Diamond – I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Refreshing to say the least. If you have a minute to take a look at some of my work, please do. I would love to know what you think.

    Cheers for now, Rod

  2. Lynn Rush says:

    Great post! Yeah, there are a bunch of overdone characters, huh? Loved the “mean-chick” one…LOL!!!

    I think the most overdone is the brooding vampire. That’s getting old. I still love the ones about mean-chick or Jock turned nice. . . But that’s me. Maybe in a few more years I’ll get sick of it. 🙂

  3. Lydia K says:

    Wow, I think I’ve seen (or written about) many of those characters, ha ha!

    I have one–the overbearing, overly mean adult figure who doesn’t seem to have a nice bone in their body.

  4. Saumya says:

    I love this list!! I’m taking a year off from medical school to write a novel, so it’s very cool to come across your blog!

    I completely agree with the hottie with a sensitive side one. The industry as a whole seems to be saturated with vampires. Hopefully, my characters do not fall under these stereotypes. Thanks for sharing!!

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