Mental Health Monday–Overwhelmed is a state of mind

In lieu of answering a writerly question, I’m gonna wax poetically about self-reflection. Get ready folks, this’ll require all cylinders. Have you had your coffee yet?

Nah, just kidding. This won’t hurt a bit. (Don’t ya hate it when doctors say that?)

Anywho, I’ve seen lots of buzz on the interwebz about finding balance in life, especially if writing is thrown into the mix. For some reason, the writer, once they’ve been infected with the writing bug, becomes manic and hyperfocused on–you guessed it–writing.

How in the world does this happen? Sure, new hobbies start off in a blaze of fire, but most fizzle down to some basal level. Somehow, writing does not do that. In fact, it tends to grow and multiply. It shifts from one WIP to several. Then blogging is added. And it’s not just a once a week thing. Sure, it might be at first, but then the momentum takes over and soon daily posts are being churned out like machine gun fire. Don’t forget writing forums and beta reading and critting.

Whoa. I don’t know about you, but I got hyped up just thinking about it! Can I get a show of hands of who has felt overwhelmed by the amount of writerly things there are to do? (Can I get a show of hands of who only had to read that last sentence once?)

I gotta say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this journey so far (yes, there have been times when I wanna wail and cry and moan and smash my PC) and the enjoyment keeps me coming back for more. On the other hand (the more rational, logical, and wise hand), I’m learning that slowing down and taking a joy ride here and there can be just as valuable.

So, that’s what I’m gonna do. I’ve recently finished yet another round of revisions. I’ve been out of town for boards and a work conference. I’m looking for a house (yikes!). And to balance out the time, I’ve cut back on farming (FarmVille, folks, not the real thing, LOL!)…Yeah, that really sounded pathetic. Seems I need to whittle away at it some more, so… 

My next goal is easing back on the frequency of posts. So, you’ll notice I’ll post three to four times a week (depending on when a blog chain day cycles ’round). I’ll stick with my themes of Flake-out Friday, the Traveling Blog, and Mental Health Mondays. Sound like a plan? I think so.

In case you’re interested in reading more about balance, check out these posts:

What links have you come across that discuss balance and how to achieve it?

And, as always, check out Lydia’s blog post on Medical Mondays!


8 comments on “Mental Health Monday–Overwhelmed is a state of mind

  1. Lynn Rush says:

    Balance is so important. Things just get a little out of control when things are out of whack, huh?

    I like your blog plan. Go for it.

    House-hunting is tough. Hang in there. 🙂

  2. Lydia Kang says:

    Hey Laura! i hear you on the loosening up of blog posts. I have three and I’m wondering if I should pull back for the summer.
    Anyway. I was thinking. I blogged today about diseases masquerading as dementia, and depression came up. I was wondering, it would be totally cool if you could do different posts about diseases that masquerade as psychiatric illnesses. That would be fascinating! Like toxicities, and metastatic diseases, and stuff. I’m always struck by stuff that isn’t what it seems…

  3. Arlee Bird says:

    This seems to be an ongoing theme on many of the blogs in the primary blog community I follow. I certainly understand since I too have experienced what you have written about. For now I am continuing on my self-imposed mission to blog daily for one solid year which will end in September, after which I will probably reassess the value of my blogging activity.

    What I have liked about blogging is the writing exercise that I receive in doing it and some of the instantaneous gratification of comments. What I don’t like is that I often spend a great deal of time and heart on my posts and reap no direct financial benefit from it and the comments are often fewer than I’d like to see and often seemingly obligatory by nature.

    Reevaluations of my blogging enterprise are in order and I think a change will be coming on my blog as well.

    Good luck with yours.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Seems a lot of us in the blogosphere are trying to juggle a lot lately! I’ve had to stop participating in blogfests and hosting my own, and now I’m comfortable letting my blog languish a few days without a new post. It’s all about the writing – which is something to be balanced in and of itself! Sometimes I think, wow, what would it be like to NOT have a MS hanging over my head? To just do my day-job writing stuff — and that’s IT?? But, alas, I’m compelled to do this creative writing stuff. Oy.

  5. Jamie Grey says:

    I notice that I’ll go full speed ahead with writing/editing/blogging/critting/forums etc, and then start to feel totally overwhelmed so I’ll stop all those things for a while cold turkey. and then I’m back even worse than before. I need to find a happy medium, so I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who feels overwhelemed from time to time. Great post!

  6. Yeah, it gets crazy. The writing bug causes a slow moving infection that is guaranteed to eventually take over your life!

    So much stuff to do–and it’s all book/platform/writing related in one way or the other. Sometimes I wonder what I possibly did with my time before I started this book.

    It’s been a journey. I love it though. Most days…;)

  7. Your plan sounds fair to me. Blogging is supposed to be fun!

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