Flake-Out Friday!

Alrighty, folks, for this week’s flake-out, I thought I’d share clips regarding home renovation. And it’s all because I’m considering a fixer-upper in the search for a house. Plus, I think sharing worry and panic is a great flake-out…but it’s humorous, so it’s okay.


(Just say yes.)


Trailer to The Money Pit

Bathtub Laugh


7 comments on “Flake-Out Friday!

  1. I once had a dream to renovate a victorian fixer upper (um, not sure if they exist around here). At least until a friend of mine pointed out how much work it was, especially for someone who lack any sort of renovation/design talent. Guess I hadn’t thought about that. 😀

  2. Lynn Rush says:

    Ahhhh, this movie. I totally remember this.

    Let’s hope your house doesn’t turn out to be anything like this one, right?


    Happy Friday!

  3. Lydia Kang says:

    I never saw this movie! The idea of my house being a money pit would give me lots of nightmares!

  4. Lol, yeah I’ll have to stock up on the ol’ elbow grease, eh??

  5. I really enjoyed this movie but I have to say, I have no intention of ever doing home renovations. Mostly because I would be a hazard to myself.

  6. OMG – that took me WAYYYY back! I love your flake-out Fridays “D And speaking of flakeouts, I also popped in to tell you that I’ve canceled my June 28 Cognitive Dissonance Blogfest. Sigh. Just need to get this MS to THE END – and have to streamline all my distractions, yanno?? Wish me luck!!

  7. ashkrafton says:

    I hate renovating but it doesn’t stop me. In fact, I have a can of hydraulic cement waiting for the right day to use it.

    Hydraulic cement. Sounds powerful, donit? Like cement for super heroes.

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