Ever Notice How Taking Time Takes Time?

M’kay so part of the art of psychiatry includes practicing self-reflection. Not only do I have to be mindful of my patients’ experiences and emotions, I also have to be mindful of my own. For a time (back in the day when psychoanalysis ruled), it was common for psychiatry trainees to go through their own analysis, not only to work out their own issues, but to identify areas they’d have to be watchful of when dealing with others (aka countertransference–the feelings engendered in the therapist toward the patient, which can be + or -). And for myself, a lot of ” growing up” happened during residency. I discovered it’s not only about applying the book knowledge I learned in med school, it was about managing relationships. It was about rolling with the ups and downs, the disagreements, and the resolving of conflicts. Guess what? That took TIME.

So does learning how to write well. The awesome thing is that the process can be just as rewarding as the completion!

Tell me, friends, what parts of the process do you enjoy? How often do you stop yourself and recognize the pleasure of working out a wonky sentence, finding a solution to a quagmire of a plot thread, smoothing out a dialogue?

And how comfortable are you with taking time to really hone your art?

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2 comments on “Ever Notice How Taking Time Takes Time?

  1. Lynn Rush says:

    It takes time, you’re right. Gotta make time, though. I’ve learned so much through my crit partners, for sure!! Conferences are great for it as well. All worth it!

    Great post!

  2. I love most of the writing process. The final editing stages tend to start wearing me down and my fingers start itching to begin a new project but I like the reward that comes from working through things.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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