What Makes A Good Blog?

No, really, I’m asking. (That’s a hint for y’all to leave a comment.)

So, I’ve been doin’ the blog thing since November ’09. Almost five months. Whoa. Time flies, my friends.

Anyway, seems my approach has changed over that time.

How, you may ask?

Well, lemme tell ya’s.

  • I’ve given up sounding like a philosophic intellectualizer.
  • I’ve shortened my posts. A LOT.
  • I’m not afraid to use “slang.” Awesomesauce. (Psst, thanks, Elana!)
  • I’ve learned it’s important to offer information, but in a fun way.
  • Links are cool.
  • So are funny cartoons and clips.
  • I’ve learned there are a lot of freakin’ nice people out there. (I just wish y’all would move near me, LOL!)
  • People like pictures. We’re visual creatures. 😉
  • Catchy titles will get people to click. Just sayin’.
  • Contests are AWESOME! (Especially when they’re easy to “sign up” for.)
  • Anybody can start a blog, but a dedicated, hard-working, communicating-type person keeps it going.

‘kay gang. What did I miss?

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9 comments on “What Makes A Good Blog?

  1. Lynn Rush says:

    Yeah, I like them short. I’ve been to a few media classes and they say to keep posts 300 words or less.

    I love fun posts too. Ones that make me smile. Not every post needs to be profound in my book. Well, maybe cuz I’m just not that deep of a person–once in a while a “deep thought” hits me, but not often.

    I just like to have fun when I come see a blog and get to know the person a bit more who’s writing it. 🙂

    Great post!!

  2. Christine Fonseca says:

    Short, fun, and informative…that is what works for me…and AUTHENTIC! Just be you!!!

  3. Ah, the biggest thing is to be yourself on your blog. Which is why I pretty much sound like I’m having a conversation on mine — slang and all.

    But you’ve got a great list here. Remember your audience, that’s what I would say.

  4. Lydia Kang says:

    I’m with Elana and Christine. I like reading a blog and getting a feel for the blogger. You have a great voice, for instance!

  5. Danyelle says:

    Ditto what everyone else said. When I read blogs, it’s usually to get to know the person. 🙂

  6. lbdiamond says:

    Great tips, ladies! Short, fun, authentic, and learning about the writer. Awesome.

    Thanks for stopping by!!

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