Flake-Out Friday

I enjoy Friday nights cuz, well, it’s Friday!

Even better? Comedy Central usually plays episode after episode of stand-up comedy. Okay, I’m gonna be frank here and say I don’t like the scuzzy topics (please enter your own level of scuzziness on the scuzz-o-meter–everybody’s threshold is different), but there are a few classics that I could watch over and over again.

Once such “classic” in my mind are the comedy specials by Gabriel Iglesias. To commemorate his hilarity, I’m posting clips from his shows.

Enjoy folks!


3 comments on “Flake-Out Friday

  1. Lynn Rush says:

    Okay, that guy is funny. The first video won’t let me view, the other two are freaking funny! ROTFL!

    THANKS! Happy Friday.

  2. Lisa and Laura says:

    HILARIOUS! I love comedy central. I recently saw a new show and now I can’t remember the name of it, but I was dying. It was a lot like The Soup on E. Just a host commenting about random stuff. So funny!

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