Up and Coming Blogger

Today’s up and coming blogger is: Zoe C. Courtman!

Her blog: No Letter On My Keyboard

Link: http://zoecourtman.blogspot.com/

Zoe is a freelance copywriter, blogger, and aspiring horror novelist. She has a website in addition to her blog: www.zoecourtman.com.

Okay, so my favorite blog post (so far) has to be “Shambling Toward Word Choice.” It highlights the need for precision in the words you choose–so true! Her other fantastic posts include: developing a motto for youself to keep motivated and what happens when you feel the procrastination bug futzing around in the back of your skull, as well as transitioning from “Lurker to Poster.” (That last one, by the way, is on her writing site and it’s AWESOME!)

The visual: ‘Kay. Y’all know about my kitty Gracie–she’s my agent *wink*. So, Zoe also has a Ragdoll! *grin* His name is Wampa.  

I’ll do anything to post pictures of cutie patooties. Sorry. (No I’m not!) 😉


For those of you who prefer horror visuals to match Zoe’s genre:

Go to fullsize image

6 comments on “Up and Coming Blogger

  1. I LOVE Zoe! Great choice! She is the bomb!

    xoxo — Hilary

  2. Lydia Kang says:

    Yay Zoe! I love her blog!

  3. Oh, wow! Thanks so much, Laura! I know you hinted at including me in one of your awesome Up & Coming features – but I didn’t expect it so soon! THANK you for all the help you’ve given me, all the support–! *sniffle* This blogging thing is so much easier thanks to all of the great advice I get from fantabulous bloggers like you! Thanks again!! (And I can’t *wait* for some excitingly blogtastic things coming up in the near future!!!)

    (Man, I need to lay off the coffee today, huh? 😉

  4. And thanks for the kind words, Lydia & Hilary 🙂

  5. lbdiamond says:

    Yay, happiness all around! And in the face of horror! Fantastic!


  6. Awesome post! I love this series. 🙂 And I look forward to getting to know Zoe better. 😀

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