It’s Like the Frickin’ Sims…

…outside your office.

There you have it, folks. A Tiffany-ism. Tiffany is one of my co-workers. She’s a hard-worker, a genuine person, and a good friend. So it’s super cool that we get to hang out like every day, right?

To explain the Sims reference, my office window overlooks the entry to my workplace. I can watch people come and go. And it’s amazing how much it looks like the Sims game.

Funny how the virtual world and the “real” world sometimes blend.

I think this is a nice segue into something I’ve been thinking about. Author Michelle Zink blogged about genuineness in Facebook friends, blog followers, and fans–basically the whole online community–people in cyberspace, virtual-land. See? Sims. I told you. *wink*

Now, networking with people via cyberspace is deceptively simple. Sure, you click “add as friend” on someone’s Facebook page. It’s easy enough. Heck, it’s addicting. Especially when you’ve got a lot of mutual friends in common. Soon, you’ve got dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people tagged as your friend. (Okay, I’m still in the dozens area, but dammit, I’m proud of that.)

Or maybe you’re trolling around various blogs and you click the “follow” button at every one you stop and comment on. You’ve, in essence, connected with that person. It’s fun, right?

But how solid is the relationship?

You can’t know for sure. (Psst, that goes for real people to.)

*covers eyes and screams*

I just burst my own bubble.


Anyway, now that I’ve made some friends and developed some “presence,” I feel more pressure to maintain it. I don’t want to let down my blogosphere friends. I like you guys. A lot. 😉 *hugs*

So, that leads me to wonder: Will I be able to keep up the pace of blogging? What happens if I run out of ideas? What happens if the coveted fanbase dwindles? What happens if I stagnate? Or–gasp–fail?

I think it comes down to motivation. I could totally flake and disappear. It’s an option. Nah. Just kiddin’.

Lemme ‘splain why I keep in the game. Quickly I found out that I’m not blogging for myself. I’m blogging for all y’all. My virtual peeps. I wanna keep ya interested, of course–cuz I totally hate being bored and wouldn’t want to subject y’all to such torture! Plus, I wanna present my thoughts in a way that’s inspiring and useful.

Even more importantly, I know how CRUCIAL it is to have a support network. I’ve learned how hard it is out there to “get noticed” and without support, I’d have been beaten into the ground never to rise again long ago. It’s only fair to give back what I’ve received. So, I want the information I share to be helpful. The Week’s Links, Up and Coming Bloggers, Mental Health Mondays, etc, are they all workin’ for ya? (I hope so.)


Let me reiterate.

For me, the online community offers a paradise of support. Really, truly, I wanna say THANK YOU to all my followers, supporters, and, yes, friends. Like my friend, Tiffany, I’ve met some pretty darn awesome people. Smart people. Funny people. Ambitious (in the good way) people. Never-give-up people. Though this exists in the midst of cyberspace, I know my safety net of support is strong.


6 comments on “It’s Like the Frickin’ Sims…

  1. Pete says:

    Kinda sentimental for a shrink, aren’t ya?

    Quick Facebook story. I meet a guy on a plane last fall. He used to play in a soul and out of Philly in the 60’s. He becomes a FB friend. January, I reconnect with a guy from boarding school – we used to play in a rock band. I introduce him to the other guy on my Wall. Turns out, my school chum was a big fan of the soul band, saw them live many times, mentions a favorite song the band did. Trombone guy posts a youtube clip of a live performance from the 60’s. School chum was AT THE SHOW.

    • lbdiamond says:

      Great story!

      “Sentimental for a shrink”–LOL! Yeah, I suppose. I’ve just learned that relationships are the KEY thing in life. Everything else–money, success, medications, etc, etc–though certainly important, pales in comparison. (Even for a solitary soul like myself.)

  2. Lydia Kang says:

    It’s so great going through this blogging experience with blogging friends. I feel very much the same! I ‘ve been told that with maintaining an active blog, hitting the three-month mark without abandoning the site is a big hurdle. And I think you’ve made it! So cheers to you, and I hope I can do the same!

    • lbdiamond says:

      Cool, hurdle managed! 😉 Fun and friends certainly makes a big difference! I’m glad to have your support. (And I’m CERTAIN you’ll keep on a roll too! 😉 )

  3. Amparo Ortiz says:

    “For me, the online community offers a paradise of support.”

    Amen, sistah! But don’t forget to give yourself some credit. Stay motivated, whether there are people in your corner or not.

    But in your case, there always will be.

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