What Happens Next? You Decide! Chapter 5

This week, I’ve decided to try my hand at the action. Be sure to check earlier postings for the previous chapters from guest bloggers!


I contemplated covering the bodies as I stood over them in the now unusually hot night and decided that I better cover the hole. Don’t want anyone else to fall in….

The shovel–now murder weapon–grew heavier and heavier in my fatigued arms, but I didn’t stop hoisting shovelfuls of dirt over Brandon and Jack’s corpses. I couldn’t. Let the heavens see the evidence of my actions? No way.

Tears burned down my cheeks, groans escaped my lips, and my muscles burned with overuse. If I kept this twisting motion up, I’d wrench my back, for sure. Then again, what else could I do? I’d have to accept the pain and agony as a consequence. At the same time, I doubted my conscience allowed such easy penance. No, this deed required much more punishment.

Soon, my body shook with weakness. I had to take a break.

I slid the shovel in a loose heap of soil and rested my chin against it. The cessation of activity gave me a moment to actually feel.

Acid rose from my gut. What had I done? Murder.

My body heaved at the thought. I allowed myself only seconds pause to gag before I went back to work. Blisters formed within minutes and my skin tore open and bled, as if my entire body wept for my transgression.

“You’re such an idiot, Brandon! Why did you have to do this to me?” I sobbed. It was his idea to come out here anyway. His idea to take me to the middle of nowhere. His idea to play a practical joke. How stupid.

“I bet you never thought it would play out like this, did ya?” I spit the words out, then wiped the tears and snot from my face with the back of my hand.

By now, most of their bodies were covered with the dark soil. Just the crowns of their shaggy-haired heads stuck out.

Ignoring the now constant sting from the open sores on my palms, I slung the shovel into another heap of dirt, relieved the evidence of my evil deed was nearly covered.

I froze when a pair of headlights flashed on me like a spotlight…


Ooooooh, this is getting good!! Come be part of the action. Let me know where you think the plot should go.

And be sure to come back for the next chapter of: What Happens Next? You Decide!

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2 comments on “What Happens Next? You Decide! Chapter 5

  1. Have you thought of writing those kids book where the child picks which way they want the story to go? 😉

    • lbdiamond says:

      I LOVED those books growing up. I thought it would be fun to get others involved through this media. I enjoy hearing other people’s ideas–the story could go in a 100 different directions with good participation. So far I’ve had two guest bloggers–the difference in writing styles is fantastic!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Feel free to offer an idea for what happens next! 🙂

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