What Happens Next? You Decide! Chapter 3

The next segment of “What Happens Next? You Decide!” was penned by none other than writer and blogger John Sankovich. Be sure to check out his own Choose Your Own Adventure  series on his blog at: http://johnsankovich.blogspot.com/ and help Kyle decide what to do next. Hmmm, avoid zombies, or have a slay-fest? Better go find my machete before I vote!

The car rolled to a stop and through the darkness I could see . . .

A hole in the ground. A large mound of dirt sat to one side with a shovel laying across the top.

I looked to Brandon and that same cocky grin that he always used when he knew something was up stood out on his face.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Nothing. Now get out.” He said, keeping the same smile on his lips.

I hated those lips, I hated him for being so arrogant and how I wanted to smash them with my fist.

I crawled out of the truck. The cold air hit my nose bringing tears to my eyes. I didn’t close the door, but he slammed his.

Walking around the front of the truck I noticed the hole wasn’t empty. Inside sat Jack. His eyes gleamed up at me. A grin cracked the caked on dirt on his face. “Hiya there. Ready to party?”

I looked to Brandon, back to Jack and finally eyed the shovel. Things were going to get dirty soon one way or the other…

Okay, folks. What Happens Next? You Decide! Write to me and get your segment posted with a link back to your website and/or blog! Happy writing all!


3 comments on “What Happens Next? You Decide! Chapter 3

  1. I could think of where this can go next, but want to give someone else a chance. If I don’t see a reply for another direction, I’ll post my up in a couple days.

  2. Brando reached down to help Jack up, and that was their first mistake of the night. I bolted, my calves tightened as I made a dash toward the shovel.

    Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jack stumble a little as he tried to move after me while still being pulled out of the six foot hole.

    Both were too late, I wrapped my fingers around the hard wooden handle of the shovel. My pulse raced as I lifted it up as I turned on the loose dirt, my footing sunk.

    A bolt of pain shot up my leg as I had to use the shovel to keep from falling. They took the momentary lapse in balance and pounced. I pulled my leg free, used the shovel to vault myself out of their reaching hands moments before they could grab me.

    “Hey now. You don’t want to do something you’ll regret.” Jack said. His face twisted in anger.

    I kept my weight off of my left ankle and could already feel the swelling begin. Hold the shovel in my two hands, I felt empowered, like things were going my way.

    Brandon made his next mistake, “Hey hon, come on put that down. We were just joking around.”

    He stepped forward with his hands out in front of him.

    The anger swelled up in me and I tightened my grip on the shovel. He slipped a little on the loose dirt pile as well and I pounced. I brought the flat side of the shovel across his head as he dropped to a knee.

    The loud clank and vibration shocked me. The brightness of the paint on the metal and the way that Brandon fell into the hole like it was meant for him all made my stomach twist.

    Jack cried out, “What the hell did you do?”

    I looked at him. Not scared, not angry, but serene. I hoisted the shovel again and looked at Jack. “I though this was just a joke?”

    Jack didn’t answer. His glossy eyes were on his best friend lying in the hole. He didn’t even see what came next. Probably felt it.

    I contemplated covering the bodies as I stood over them in the now unusually hot night and decided that I better, don’t want anyone else to fall in….

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