What Happens Next? You Decide! “Chapter 2”

The following excerpt progresses from the opening section and is crafted by none other than Cynthia Occelli, author of the blog: Life, It Isn’t for the Faint of Heart http://cynthiaoccelli.blogspot.com/ . Cynthia spends her time writing, blogging, and sharing her wisdom about life. And she offers a mad-compelling segment:

I’d never been hit before…

In that instant, I became two people. One was a child deeply wounded by the assault and terrified of what might come next; the other was a young woman filled with searing rage. I sat stunned for several minutes as my two counterparts wrestled for dominance. Two teardrop sized drips of blood fell from my nose.

“Not so cocky now are you T? You need to learn when to stop being such a bitch.”

You are going jail, my brother is going to destroy you, too and wait until I tell the school, I thought to myself.

The pavement became progressively rougher finally turning to hard dirt, this wasn’t the way to Jack’s house. Feeling as though all the blood had drained from my veins, I turned to Brandon. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have acted that way. I’m sorry.”

Brandon smiled. “You’re scared now aren’t you? Look at you sitting there all huddled up.”

The car rolled to a stop and through the darkness I could see . . .

Kudos and much thanks, Cynthia! Okay, folks. What Happens Next?

(I’m open to suggestions and excerpts!)


One comment on “What Happens Next? You Decide! “Chapter 2”

  1. A hole in the ground. A large mound of dirt sat to one side with a shovel laying across the top.

    I looked to Brandon and that same cocky grin that he always used when he knew something was up stood out on his face.

    “What’s that?” I asked.

    “Nothing. Now get out.” He said, keeping the same smile on his lips.

    I hated those lips, I hated him for being so arrogant and how I wanted to smash them with my fist.

    I crawled out of the truck. The cold air hit my nose bringing tears to my eyes. I didn’t close the door, but he slammed his.

    Walking around the front of the truck I noticed the hole wasn’t empty. Inside sat Jack. His eyes gleamed up at me. A grin cracked the caked on dirt on his face. “Hiya there. Ready to party?”

    I looked to Brandon, back to Jack and finally eyed the shovel. Things were going to get dirty soon one way or the other. …

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