Here a Contest, There a Contest, Everywhere a Contest, Contest!

Come one, come all! Yes, that’s right folks, step right here. Before you, on this online blog stage, free for your viewing pleasure, is the next addition of:

Check out this awesome contest!

As you can see, detailed below, is a link to “awesome contest” describing entry requirements and prizes. (It is hosted by: )

Simply go to: and enter!

For those of you who are still uncertain or wondering what it takes for to get in on the action…

Well, all it entails is completing five easy steps:

1) E-mail Mary Kole of Andrea Brown Literary Agency the beginning of your completed MG or YA novel—up to the first 500 words IN THE BODY of the message. NO ATTACHMENTS! (e-mail address is on the contest page)

2) Use subject heading: “Kidlit Contest”

3) Link her site to two places—she has a handy dandy link for easy application of this step

4) Read and comment on at least one other Kidlit post

5) Do this by January 31, 2010! (Cuz that’s the deadline)

That’s it! Easy Peasy! Good luck to all entrants!

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