How To Tell The Real Santa From The Fake

My little cousin–age 7–knows how to tell the real Santa Claus from the fake.

We were all sitting in my aunt and uncle’s living room, stuffed to the gills on turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, biscuits, corn, and cranberry sauce, reviewing the flyers for the upcoming Black Friday sales. I came across one sale paper with a picture of Santa Claus showcased front and center on the first page and showed it to my cousin.

I asked, “Hey. Is this the real Santa?”

She looked at the picture, then back at me. “No.” She said it with such certainty and confidence that I couldn’t resist.

“How can you tell?”

She pursed her lips. “His beard isn’t white.” With a roll of the eyes, she turned back to her Nintendo DS.

There you have it, folks. His beard wasn’t white.

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